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Our 5" Phat Bat is the "Senko" competitor which will have you knocking home runs out of the park in no time. It's heavily salt impregnated and uses the same soft plastisol found in all our worms. This gives it the weight to cast, and the suppleness to slowly undulate, as it falls through the water column.

That slow, undulating wiggle on the ends will get the bite every time. In field testing we found it caught both numbers and size of bass. It's heavy enough that it casts a mile, so we prefer weightless applications when possible.

Rigging: The ideal rig we've found for these is fished wacky style with an o-ring or collar around the mid section. Use a 7' Medium light fast tip spinning rod on 12lb braid to an 8-10lb florocarbon leader. Use a size 2 or 3 Neko hook, thread the hook through the o-ring so the bait is perpendicular to the hook, cast the bait out, let it fall on semi slack line and it will undulate and wiggle on it's way down to the bottom. usually the bites come on the initial fall. If there isn't a bite, give your rod tip some upward pumps, and let the bait fall again on semi slack line, rinse and repeat.

Additional Rigging Options:



Shakey Head

EWG Weightless




Jig Trailer


Durability: Low, 1-3 fish/bait

Length: 5"

Bait Design: The body shape has a flat bottom, with a ribbed top, moving from the head back, there's an egg sack about 2" into the bait, and the tail tapers off slowly

Scent: Like all our baits they are heavily scented with our Phat Juice which is a Craw/Leech/Shad combination.

Salt: Heavy

Floating: No

Package Size: 15 per pack


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