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Featuring an innovative new design concept, the BKK Titan Diver+ Hooks offer an adaptable approach to targeting trophy bass with big baits. The Titan Diver+ Hooks rely on a forged shank to provide the heavy-duty performance needed to tangle with the giants lurking in your favorite fishery. In addition to the powerful shank, they also utilize BKK’s Super Slide coating that pairs perfectly with their sticky sharp needle points to deliver rapid penetration and a smooth setting experience.

To set themselves ahead of the rest of the swimbait hooks on the market, the BKK Titan Diver+ Hooks include several premium components that work in tandem to enhance your favorite soft plastic swimbait’s presentation. A locking spring-style keeper system hangs on from the eye of the hooks to securely lock down your favorite plus-sized plastic while a silicone stopper helps to keep your bait in the perfect position. The base of the hooks boast a weighting system that enables anglers to adjust the weight’s position along the shaft or swap it out for a different weight entirely. They also emerge from the packaging armed with a removable fluttering blade that adds a generous amount of flash to help predators locate your lure in all water clarities. Powerful and versatile, the BKK Titan Diver+ Hooks are built to pair with your favorite swimbaits and boost their performance to the next level.

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