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Take your finesse fishing to new heights with the Daiwa PX BF70 Bait Finesse Baitcasting Reel. Meticulously engineered, this reel delivers unmatched performance and control with every cast. Featuring an A7075 spool designed for extreme finesse, it boasts an ultra-small caliber for precision. The Air spool, weighing 56% less than the Tatula SV70, enables ultra-finesse performance, complemented by ultra-light micro ball bearings for exceptional support.

The T-Wing System (TWS) further enhances your casting experience by minimizing line friction, ensuring a smooth and tangle-free casting and retrieval process. Fine-tuning your setup is a breeze with the Zero Adjuster, which provides precise control over spool tension, accommodating various lure weights and fishing conditions effortlessly. The Daiwa PX BF70's A7075 drive gear guarantees durability and seamless performance, even when battling tough, hard-fighting fish.

Constructed with an aluminum frame and aluminum side plate, this reel offers the perfect balance between strength and weight. It can withstand the rigors of diverse fishing environments while ensuring your setup remains comfortably manageable. The Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) system provides smooth and consistent drag pressure. The reel's 90mm swept handle ensures a secure grip and precise handling, making it suitable for various fishing scenarios. Discover the difference and redefine your finesse fishing with the Daiwa PX BF70 Bait Finesse Baitcasting Reel – it's the reel that anglers trust for finesse perfection.

70H - Right Handed 7.1:1

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70XH - Right Handed 8.6:1

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70XHL - Left Handed 8.6:1

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