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Designed to provide a cohesive range of purpose-built storage boxes perfectly suited to the modern angler, the Daiwa D-Box Utility Storage Box 3700 Deep is carefully designed to maximize storage and versatility with up to 20 customizable storage compartments. Featuring an eco-friendly design concept, the D-Box Utility Boxes are made using recycled polypropylene low-impact materials which create no toxic waste, no emissions, no halogens, and no fluorocarbons in their assembly process.

All of Daiwa’s D-Boxes feature a robust 4-sided clasp system that ensures a secure closure and fully compresses the water-resistant gasket seal which is installed 360-degrees around the lids of all the boxes to fully prevent water intrusion. Great for organizing soft baits, hard baits, or terminal tackle, the Daiwa D-Box Utility Storage Box 3700 Deep is emblazoned with a sleek Daiwa D-Vec logo and equipped with a clear view lid for quick and easy tackle identification.

Dimensions: 13.54” (344mm) x 8.46” (215mm) x 3.54” (90mm)


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