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The Zillion 10.0 SV TW is a speed-demon for a variety of high-speed techniques to suit your fishing needs. This quality baitcast reel is well equipped for a variety of techniques from flipping/pitching, burning a lipless crank-bait or even getting a frog fish out if the heaviest cover. When you develop a reel with 10.0:1 gearing performance is a prerequisite and the ZILLION platform is no stranger to the quality you need to have at those speeds.

The superior performance begins with an SV spool made from G1 Duralumin a much lighter alloy that is extremely ridged and well balanced providing easy spool start up and long casting with the reduction of stress-free backlash and control. Our TWS T-Wing level-wind allows for greater distance with more control and casting performance that no other reel manufacture in the industry can duplicate. 

ZILLION 10.0 SVTW is sitting on an aluminum frame and side-plate with a 10+1 bearing platform. UTD or Ultimate Tournament drags and 90mm handle will provide you both torque and stopping power necessary for an extremely high-speed reel. If you have a need for speed and searching for a quality reel that can perform specific techniques that top anglers desire pick up the new ZILLION 10.0:1 gear ratio reel. 

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Line Cap. Bearings
ZLNTW1016EXXH Right 10.0:1 7.6 14/100, 16/85 10BB + 1RB
ZLNTW1016EXXHL Left 10.0:1 7.6 14/100, 16/85 10BB + 1RB

Zillion 10.0:1 - Right Handed

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Zillion 10.0:1L - Left Handed

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