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Tired of fin clips rusting?   Tired of the nasty lead and the coverings needed for the lead weight melting?  Tired of the clips ripping the fins of the fish because they have no flex?  No worries DD26 Fishing has you covered! 

Catching fish in deep water can cause their air bladders to fill.  If you're keeping them in your livewell during a tournament, our Belly Bombs will help keep them upright and getting the needed water flow thru their gills.   

Our DD26 Fishing Belly Bomb Fin Clips are made to help you keep your fish healthy and they are MADE TO LAST!

  • Machined in the USA out of Stainless Steel!
  • Stainless clips help reduce rust and seizing!
  • The short leash allows the clip some give when the fish rubs against the bottom or other fish!
  • We offer two sizes: 1.5oz for your Donkeys and 1.25oz for your Rats

1.25 ounce / 3 pack

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1.50 ounce / 3 pack

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