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Made to stop the bleeding of gill & tongue hooked fish, the Fishlife First Aid  Treatment boost the health of the fish by promoting the healing process of hook wounds and helps prevent costly dead fish penalties and ensures the future of our sport. To use the Fishlife First Aid Fish Livewell Treatment, pour directly on the wound and wait a few seconds before placing the fish back into the water. You may need to repeat this process every 30-minutes or as needed to continue treatment. If there has been blood introduced to the live well water, immedately drain and refill the live well. 

In addition to helping immediately, the Fishlife First Aid Fish Livewell Treatment also protects fish after they have been weighed-in by reducing the vulnerability to pathogens that could result in infection.  A must-have for tournament anglers, the Fishlife First Aid Fish Livewell Treatment protects fish from injury and anglers from dreaded dead fish penalties. Tournament Developed – Tournament Tested – Tournament Proven!

2 oz bottle


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