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Made of stainless steel to ward off corrosion and rust, the Gamakatsu heavy-duty pliers will become your go-to tool, whether you’re an avid salt or freshwater angler. Providing outstanding utility, the Gamakatsu Stainless Fishing Pliers are fitted with precise crimping jaws that fit various sizes of sleeves and split shots.

Making it easy to change or replace split rings, the Gamakatsu Stainless Fishing Pliers are fitted with split ring tips that help save time and prevent broken fingernails. Covered in a PTFE coating for advanced corrosion resistance, the Gamakatsu Stainless Fishing Pliers are fitted with side cutters that slice through braid, monofilament, or fluorocarbon with ease.

To prevent the Gamakatsu Stainless Fishing Pliers from getting misplaced while fishing, an included lanyard and sheath guarantees that your tools are at your fingertips when you need them. Fitted with non-slip grips for outstanding traction in all conditions, the Gamakatsu Stainlss Fishing Pliers deliver multifunctional performance that all anglers can appreciate.


-Stainless steel
-PTFE Coating for corrosion resistance
-Non-slip grip
-Crimping function
-Spring loaded opening
-Split ring opener 
-Side cutter
-Includes sheath and lanyard

Length: 6" and 7"


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