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Devised by a famous Lake Biwa fishing guide, Mr. Tetsushi Yamashita, the GeeCrack Stealth 7 Bladed Umbrella Rig, is a 7-wire, 6-bladed umbrella rig constructed to handle the abuse of numerous fish catches. After repeated material and wire-angle testing, Tetsushi found that welding the wires in an open state drastically reduced metal fatigue, and also made the wires much more resilient and able to maintain form, which in turn resulted in a higher rate of fish catches.

The Stealth 7 is constructed from a 10in black nickel center wire that conceals the harness better than your typical lead head rigs commonly seen on the market. Equipped with hammered willow blades and 4in surrounding wires, the rig simulates a denser school of fish. Each wire is furnished with a premium domestic snap and the center wire utilizes a moveable shaft swivel that reduces line tangles and twist.

GeeCrack recommends casting this rig on a Heavy to Double Xtra-Heavy action casting rod 7’6” or longer with 22-25lb fluorocarbon. For maximum water displacement, extraordinary flash, and the most realistic action GeeCrack recommends pairing the GeeCrack Stealth 7 Bladed Umbrella Rig with GeeCrack Cornhead Blade Underspin heads and GeeCrack Gyrostar Swimbaits.

- Center Wire: 10in (measurement includes front wire extension)
- Exterior Wires: 4in


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