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The Wacky Rig'R is one of the most innovative fishing tools available. It saves money by reducing lost or torn bait and shortens re-rigging time after catching the big one! To use the Wacky Rig'R tool, simply insert the plastic stick bait into the open end of the tube. Stop at the position where you want to place the Wacky Rig'R ring. Slide one Wacky RigR ring up the body of the tool, onto the bait, and insert the hook between Wacky Rig'R ring and the bait. When fish strike, the WackyRig'R ring allows the bait to slide up the hook onto the line, thus allowing better hook sets and easier hook removal.

Wacky RigR Tool Kit WRT-2 Includes:

  • 1 Wacky Rig'R Tool
  • 1   Package of Small (10 item count) Rings
  • 1   Package of Large (10 item count) Rings


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