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The 5" Drunkin Shad is the perfect "Fluke" style soft Jerkbait. At 5" it's just the right size to not only catch average 1 to 2 pounders, but it will also catch big 'uns. It's excellent when skipped under docks, overhanging cover, or thrown into a group of bustin' fish, gorging on shad. When fished weightless it mimics a dying shad - erratically darting and fluttering away as it slowly sinks.

Phat Pak Baits use a medium grade plastisol to give it toughness when being skipped, placed into hard to reach places, or inside the mouth of a fish. It also has enough suppleness in the twin tail as it flutters, to give it the action needed to entice the bass into biting. 

Rigging: The ideal rig we've found for these is fished weightless on an EWG, Texposed, using a 7' Medium light spinning rod, on 12lb braid to an 8lb florocarbon leader.  Cast or skip the bait into the cover, allow it fall on semi slack line, give it 1 to 2 rod twitches, than let the bait fall. Rinse and repeat. You can also insert a small 3/32oz weight on the underside of the nose giving it extra casting distance and a faster rate of fall

Additional Rigging Options: 

Dual Fluke Rig aka Donkey Rig

EWG Texposed

Damiki Rig

Nose Hooked

Chatterbait Trailer

Underspin Trailer

Spinnerbait Trailer


Carolina Rig

Ned Rig Shroomz Head



Free Rig Trailer

Durability: Medium, 3-5 fish/bait

Length: 5"

Bait Design: The body shape starts at the nose, extends into the mid section which belly's down and also has a gap to insert a hook, as we get to the tail section, there are twin forked straight tails

Scent: Like all our baits they are heavily scented with our Phat Juice which is a Craw/Leech/Shad combination.

Salt: No

Floating: No

Package Size: 10 per pack


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