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Built to haul heavy bass from the thickest cover, the Ryugi Custom Frog Hook utilizes an extra heavy wire construction for unmatched strength and brutal performance. To deliver lighting-quick penetration despite its bulky hook size, the Custom Frog Hook boasts Ryugi’s Teflon TC Coating that ensures reliably smooth hook sets anglers can be confident in. Perfect for your favorite soft, or hollow-body frog, the Ryugi Custom Frog Hook utilizes two razor-sharp hook points to increase your hook-up ratio and get more bucket-mouthed bass out of the slop, and into your livewell.

Ryugi Japan Fishing Tackle has set out to make the best bass fishing hooks and terminal tackle on the market by questioning every aspect of design. Based out of Hyogo Japan, Ryugi stays on the forefront of cutting-edge tackle innovation by utilizing a field staff team comprised of Lake Biwa fishing guides, top Japanese tournament anglers, and even Bassmaster tournament pro Takumi Ito. The development staff at Ryugi believes fieldwork is indispensable and aims to create products that reflect the ideas and understanding of their renowned field staff.

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