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The Shimano Convergence D 2-Piece Casting Rods are the perfect choice for versatile anglers on the move, offering exceptional performance without breaking the bank. These rods are engineered to provide a balanced blend of versatility, sensitivity, and portability.

To achieve reduced weight and heightened sensitivity, the Convergence Rods feature premium carbon blanks, allowing anglers to detect even the slightest nibble and sense the underwater terrain without feeling burdened by heavy gear. Moreover, their 2-piece construction makes them ideal for convenient storage in your car, boat compartment, or even strapped to your hiking pack, ensuring you're always ready for your next fishing adventure.

These rods take pride in their top-notch components. They come equipped with a series of Seaguide Aluminum Oxide guides, known for exceptional line management and quiet casting performance. Fuji reel seats complement supple cork grips, providing anglers with a secure and comfortable hold that's built to withstand wear and tear.

For added convenience, these rods feature a hook keeper for easy lure stowage. Whether you're casting from shore, boat, or on a hike, the Shimano Convergence D 2-Piece Casting Rods are your trusty companions, ready to accompany you wherever your angling journey takes you.

-Lightweight and Sensitive Carbon Blanks
-SeaGuide Aluminum Oxide Guides
-Premium Cork Handles
-Integrated Hook Keeper
-Fuji Reel Seat
-2-Piece Construction
-Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty


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