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Each reel is equipped with nine ball bearings and has a line capacity of 120yds/12lbs. Weighing in at only 7.9oz with a max drag setting of 20lbs, these reels are built to perform at the highest level.

Christie designed these reels to fit his style of fishing, checking the box on a feature he has wanted in a baitcasting reel for quite some time.

“One thing, I have always wanted in a reel was every speed I would need in one frame size. Changing reels frequently in a day takes awhile to get used to when you pick one up a different one. Having one size reel in four speeds keeps a consistent feel for me. That makes me more comfortable to easily make a change during the day. From throwing jerkbaits to flipping a jig, the JC Elite is the only bait caster I need.” Christie concluded.

5.6:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Green
6.6:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Purple
7.3:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Red
8.1:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Orange

Right Handed

Size Price Stock Quantity
5.6:1 $124.99 3
6.6:1 $124.99 2
7.3:1 $124.99 0
8.1:1 $124.99 2
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Left Handed

Size Price Stock Quantity
5.6:1 $124.99 3
6.6:1 $124.99 3
7.3:1 $124.99 3
8.1:1 $124.99 2
Max stock limit reached


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