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Built to last with a durable stainless-steel construction and corrosion-resistant finish, the Sunline Standard Pliers feature an all-purpose design that provides added convenience for a wide variety of sport fishing tasks. Perfect for removing deeply buried hooks with a slender needle nose profile, the Sunline Standard Pliers include a built-in wire bending feature and premium side-cutting center edge for making quick and clean cuts with fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing lines. A high-quality plier option emblazoned with the stylish Sunline Logo, the Sunline Standard Pliers provide smooth one-handed operation using an ergonomic spring-loaded grip and comfortable rubberized non-slip handle.

- 6” Needle Nose Pliers
- Stainless Steel Construction
- Corrosion Resistant Finish
- Comfortable Rubberized Handle
- Ergonomic Spring-loaded Grip
- Wire Bending Feature


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