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Sunline pros, Aaron Martens and Brent Erhler provided significant input in the testing of Sunline SX1 Braid, working through numerous prototypes before SX1 was finally developed. Perfect for a variety of bass fishing applications on spinning or baitcasting setups, SX1 is some of the strongest braid ever made.

Offering greatly improved abrasion resistance over PE braided lines thanks to its new ULT-PE construction, Sunline SX1 Braid still retains the suppleness of PE line. The enhanced abrasion resistance isn’t from applying a thick coating to bolster the material either. Instead, Sunline actually improved the raw fiber. This new design allows SX1 to maintain incredible manageability for excellent line control in any situation, and the slick line surface of the uncoated fiber brings out the longest casting distances while allowing good, tight knots to be formed. Sunline SX1 - Strong, Sensitive & Abrasion Resistant.

-Ultra high strength ULT-PE polyethylene line
-Excellent abrasion resistance
-Reduced surface fuzzing
-No exterior coating that will wear off
-Unique surface processing for a sleek finish, reducing guide friction and giving you long casting distance
-Dark green color for excellent camouflage
-Ultra low stretch, ultra high sensitivity

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